Selected Works

Brian Donnelly, (b. 1974), also known as KAWS, is a New York-based artist. He is a world-renowned artist who exhibits in museums and galleries internationally, who also has made a name out of him designing limited edition toys and clothing. His art stands somewhere between fine art and global commerce. KAWS moved beyond the sphere of the exclusive art market to occupy a more complex global market.

His work includes repeated use of a cast of figurative characters and motifs, some dating back to the beginning of his career in the 1990s, initially painted in 2D and later realised in 3D. Some of his characters are his own creation whilst others are reworked versions of existing icons.

He began as a graffiti artist, moving on to subvertising, and now makes sculpture, acrylic paintings on canvas and screen prints. His work is exhibited in galleries and museums, held in the permanent collections of public institutions, and avidly collected by individuals. A number of books illustrating his work have been published. He lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.