Selected Works

Installation Shots

Born in 1992 in Nigeria, Anthony Ugbo comes from a lineage of theater artists, with a mother celebrated as the finest dancer in her community and a father known as a skilled drummer boy. Growing up amidst the vibrancy of his parents’ performances at family functions and events, Ugbo witnessed the profound joy derived from the world of art. However, societal expectations nudged his parents toward pursuing “real jobs,” steering away from their artistic passions.

Ugbo’s journey into the realm of art began with his innate passion for sketching and drawing comics and biological diagrams during his early education. His curiosity was piqued by observing friends draw and shade, prompting him to explore the art form himself. To his delight, he discovered success and honed his skills, marking the inception of his enduring love for art.

For Ugbo, drawing is more than a skill; it is a powerful avenue for self-expression and inspiration, a means to convey wonder, dreams, and to shape and reshape the world around him. Each pencil stroke and smudged line represents not just an evolution of technique but a deepening commitment to his artistic calling.

Believing that his art has the potential to spark difficult yet necessary conversations, Ugbo envisions using his creativity as a force for healing and igniting positive change for humanity. His affinity for drawing is an ever-growing affair, destined to serve as a catalyst for positive transformations within his immediate community, among collectors, and on a global scale.

Specializing in the use of charcoal and graphite, Ugbo’s artistic journey has been marked by a commitment to these mediums. Looking ahead, he aspires to expand his skills into the realm of painting, adding new dimensions to his artistic repertoire. In Ugbo’s world, art is not just a personal pursuit but a shared experience aimed at fostering positive change and inspiring dialogue that transcends boundaries.