Selected Works

Installation Shots

Anthony Ugbo was born in 1992, in Nigeria.

Ugbo’s parents are theater artists. His Mom was the finest dancer in her community and Dad a drummer boy. He grew up watching his parents perform in family functions and events. They derived so much joy from art but had to get a “real job” owing to societal pressure. Anthony had passion for sketching and drawing comics and biological diagrams all through his early education.

Ugbo’s relationship with drawing began due to his curious nature watching his friends draw and shade which in turn led to him trying his hands at this art form and was happily surprised at his success and skills. Since then and with each pencil stroke and smudged line, he has continued to not only evolve and improve his skills but has fallen even more in love with this calling.

Drawing for him is an avenue for expression and inspiration of himself and those around him. Ugbo believes that his art form engender wonder, dreams, and allow him to create and recreate his world as he sees fit with the goal of stirring up difficult conversations with the intention of healing the world and igniting positive change for all of humanity. Ugbo’s affair with his art form is one that can only grow and in turn be a catalyst for positive change for those around him, his collectors, community and the world at large.

To date he has specialized in the use of Charcoal and Graphite and in the near future intends grow his skills in the realm of painting.