Selected Works

Installation Shots

Roee Jakubinsky, aka Binsky was born in 1982, in Israel and was raised and educated in New York (Queens) in the 1980’s. Today he lives and works in Tel-Aviv.

Binsky ‘s large-scale works are remarkable in their colorful vitality, strong outlines and their relentless expressiveness in shades of color, form and content. His works depict grotesque figures that are highly reproduced and embody a psychomental expression and a certain magical effect, floating in space against a magnificent three-dimensional composition, combined with pure repetitive formal elements. These fantastic creatures might be a reference to African tribal masks and their use for religious ritual purposes.

Binsky has developed and practices an art technique which is based at first stage on : spontaneous, intuitive sketch, he scribbles to amend, to second-guess and correct himself, this process exemplify his urge to connect with the subconscious world of human dreams, fantasies, anxieties and the desire to return to innocent childhood. In the next stages: he applies layers of acrylic oil paint by spraying on huge areas that he constantly changes by adding more layers of mixed paint according to his personal state of mind, the atmosphere of the location and with relation to the way that his creation is accepted by the residents on the specific neighborhood.