Selected Works

BITI – Heart Attack | Binsky’s first NFT project

In the heart of Tel Aviv, thousands of heart-shaped stickers scattered all over are taking the city by storm. These stickers are a sneak peek of the first NFT collection by the revolutionary creature “BITI”.

“BITI” which was created by the street artist Binsky, is the representation of a new era of art in our world, onsisting of a series of 200+ heart shaped, adorable digital creatures by the name BITI. Each character is individually unique, as we are, and algorithmically generated from an array of traits with different characters, personality, backgrounds, scenery, and music. BITI is for everyone. You will never have to feel unwelcome or unwanted.

The brand consists of NFT digital art, painted canvases, large and small sculptures, designed shirts and more. Binsky’s self-perception as an outsider came from his childhood struggles with speech fluency and attention deficit disorder. This difficulty allowed him to embrace his demons and express himself through the beauty of art. “Heart Attack” is the change that Binsky sees in the world where compassion overcomes fears.