Selected Works

Installation Shots

Dubi Ronen was born in 1964 in Israel.

Ronen is a product designer and Plastic Arts artist, graduated in Integrated Design  from the Holon Institute of Technology (HIT). His works are characterized by the  combination of concrete with acrylic painting and focus on the inherent contrast of the  concrete material. On one hand, concrete is identified as a very sturdy material that yet can  break and crumbles easily, on the other hand, it evokes opposite concepts such as  masculinity versus femininity, temporary versus eternal and more. 

During his work, Ronen mixes cement with other materials to create an ointment, with  which he paints on a canvas stretched on a large-format wooden frame. At times, the  concrete is used to create the contours, and sometimes it functions as the surface on which  Ronen applies other materials such as ink, metal parts, and aluminum profiles. 

Ronen’s subjects range from the Israeli landscapes to geometric drawings. His landscape  paintings include two main elements. The first is the horizontal line – which suggests a  dichotomy between up and down, sublime and earthly, and upper and lower. The second  element is water, which represents a reflection of the real versus the imaginary, or illusion  versus reality. In his geometric works, he illustrates places and objects while attempting to  explore how a simple line produces a three-dimensional perspective, in which co-exist the  concepts of Far, Near and the Infinite.