Selected Works

Installation Shots

Fatola Israel Ayodamola, was born in 1996 in Lagos, Nigeria.

Israel studied Visual Arts in the University of Lagos, and holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Painting. He is a highly passionate Visual Artist and the Creative Director of HeavenlyArtz™ – a Creative Brand set to illustrate human experiences through Art with the creative fusion of Film/Documentary, Storytelling, Poetry, and Visual Arts.

The narrative and the expressive properties of Israel’s works are carefully constructed to describe with acute accuracy, the true inward essence of his subjects and their unique experience. By emphasizing the raw detail, He intends to force the viewer to see everything, thereafter creating an awareness which he intends to use to inspire positive actions.

He is forced to relate the stories of his immediate environment, with the intent to communicate his thoughts and ideas, by portraying the encounters of Man as a product of the Society. These numerous and multifaceted life experiences are in fact tools that inspire him to create, serving as an abode for emotional stress and food for the mind.



How do you define your style?

My artistic style is a combination of an introspective conversation with myself and the world outside. Employing the Hyperrealistic technique in my work allows me to connect with different spectrum of emotions. This allows me pay attention to myself making me more socially aware.

I think of it as an exploration of my real life experiences, intuition and intent, to search within myself for ideas that are true to me – this process is the fundamental ingredient needed to make the realization that I communicate through my works.

My technique presents itself as a meditative act and this practice is reflective of my personal life. Consequently, I have encountered Truth and Reality by searching inward.

Truth and Reality are the foundational principles that guide my creative process. Realizing this made me a Hyperrealist.

What are your favourite techniques?

My Art technique is the rendering of details and textures for the purpose of engaging the audience. Because of the great number of perspective which can be taken on the subject of hyperrealism, as to why I represent details with so much attention, it is important to give answers such as why:

By replicating reality to the finest details; I simply pursue Truth, It’s very simple. This technique is an attempt to reveal the Truth about how the world looks, and how it works.

My aim is to force the viewer to experience what is called “surprised recognition”

What do I want to express in my work

I sincerely hope the truth I discover through my Art (which I believe is endless) provides a valid commentary on our condition as humans and a nation at large.

Through Raw Realism, I intend to provoke emotions, the necessary catalyst to encourage a shift in the nature of on-going conversations towards more practical actions that will ignite more creativity, thereby solving more problems in the world today.