Selected Works

Installation Shots

La Baud is a visual artist born in Montpellier, south of France, in 1994 and established in Berlin (DE).

Having his background drowned in skateboarding and street culture, it is through the study of the applied arts and space design that he signed his name to the art of painting. La Baud’s work refers to figure; to each one’s hidden face. The figure here is social iconography, sexual symbol, aesthetic fantasy. By portraying one’s psychotic and influenced inner self with a style recognized by a strong expressiveness on the line, his faces, grimaces and characters, whether they are alone or in the middle of a crowd, are here to confront the viewer and to incite each of us to face our own individuality, to challenge and unveil the societal appearances. Who am I behind the mask? Who am I in the crowd?

With this great theatre of the persona and its multiple identities, La Baud explores the society and collective’s domination processes on one’s self, and how to detach oneself from this hold.
His work has been exposed in various international context such as «The Murum» in Montpellier, France or «Dorchester art project» in Boston, USA. La Baud is represented by the Kultur Spaeti, in Berlin, Germany.