Selected Works

Katrin Günther was born in 1970 in Elsterwerda, Germany. She lives and works in Berlin and Konstanz.

Katrin Günther is a 50 year old Contemporary artist. Katrin Günther is a German female artist born in Elsterwerda/Niederlausitz (DE) in 1970. Her first exhibition was Gruppenausstellung – Kleine Formate at Galerie Frenhofer in Berlin in 2008, and the most recent exhibition was Blasenflieger at Städtische Galerie im Kornhaus in Kirchheim unter Teck in 2019. Katrin Günther is mostly exhibited in Germany, but also had exhibitions in Switzerland. Günther has 7 solo shows and 19 group shows over the last 11 years (for more information, see biography).

Günther has also been in two art fairs and in one biennial. The most important show was Out-look Raum- Katrin Geunther at Galerie Robert Drees in Hannover in 2015. Another important show was at Wichtendahl Galerie in Berlin. Katrin Günther has been exhibited with Thomas Michel and Erwin Holl. Katrin Günther’s art is in one museum collection, at Galerie Frenhofer in Berlin. Katrin Günther is ranked among the Top 100,000 globally, and among the Top 10,000 in Germany. Günther’s best rank was in 2019, with the most dramatic change in 2010. For a complete illustration of the artist’s career since 2008, please see the career chart on the trends page.