Selected Works

Liron Kroll was born in 1980, in Tel Aviv, Israel. 

Liron Kroll is an Israeli, London based, Visual Artist and Photographer. Her work focuses on patterns & trends in popular photography and their constructive iconic influence on the build-up of our collective consciousness. The uncanny photomontages she creates depict isolated moments of acknowledgement and realization. Her images are saturated with suggestion and feed off the tension and dissonance created by staging mundane moments in life. The themes of Liron Kroll’s work are based around the elusiveness of normality. The characters, those whom we see within the image and those whose presence is only implied, exist in a state of constant conflict. This is emphasized by constructed environments, achieved using digital layering techniques. 

In her creation process, she dismantles and creates visual worlds, reassembling and building new realism. She is interested in the inherent contradiction in the need to belong to a social structure, but being simultaneously repulsed by it. One of her photomontages may include bits and pieces taken from hundreds of photos, taken at different times and places. Thereby the supposedly “photographic Image” is disconnected from any standard anchors in time and space.