Selected Works

Installation Shots

Papaya Spray was born in 2000, in Tel Aviv Israel, where she currently lives and works.

Papaya is a young female artist. After she decided to quit formal art studies, she started her artistic path in the streets, because she didn’t want to paint how she was expected to. While being surrounded by clean and established art only, Papaya paints what came from her guts, in the most authentic and honest way possible.

Papaya paints whatever she feels at the moment; Also, when she reaches a wall on the street, she doesn’t know how it will look when done – it just comes out of her, like a story or an experience waiting to break free.

The visual language of Papaya was influenced by other artists who started their careers on the street, such as Jean Michel Basquiat and Kaws; She got inspired by their courage to create their unique style.

One must remember that Graffiti and Street art are still and kind of always been a male-dominated scene, and that is why it is even more important to Papaya as a female artist to be a part of that scene. Papaya believes that painting in the streets is the ultimate thing you can do as an artist because it is a way for the artist to reach to everyone, no matter how wealthy or known you are.

Papaya places her unconscious mind out there. She wishes to let people connect to her paintings and drawings with their unconscious minds. Each viewer sees something else in her paintings, which makes the painting a sort of a mirror to the viewer’s soul and inner world.