Selected Works

Born in 1953 in Kvutzat Kinneret, Israel, Tali Amitai Tabib currently resides and works in the vibrant city of Tel Aviv.

Deeply influenced by the works of photographers from the 1930s to the 1950s, including iconic figures such as Dorothea Lange, Arthur Rothstein, Ben Shahn, and Jack Delano, Amitai Tabib has immersed herself in the rich visual narratives of the past. Her artistic perspective is inherently subjective, and she embraces this subjectivity with the quote, “I aim to tell a story, I’m not obliged to tell the truth.”

Amitai Tabib’s creative process is rooted in storytelling, often beginning with a narrative or a contemporary event that sparks her imagination. Through the technique of photomontage, she weaves her own unique vision into these stories, creating visually compelling compositions that transcend the boundaries of reality. Her work becomes a personal interpretation, capturing the essence of the narrative rather than adhering strictly to factual representation.