Selected Works

Yuval Daniel was born in 1998 in Israel.

Daniel is a photographer who deals with several mediums, among them: digital and analog.
Digital medium – he works mainly for sports photography, events, and architecture.
Analog medium – he works mainly in portrait photography and fashion photography. When in this field he shoots in 35mm and medium format.


About his Skateboard project in his own words:

“In work I am involved in photographing the Israeli skateboarding scene, I myself have been a skater since I was born.
I was brought up to the skate world through my older brother and my friends.
From a young age I found myself surrounded by older people, this culture affects me till today. This field gives importance not only to the skateboard itself, but also to the style of self expression through clothing, appearance and health.
During my work I’m dividing photography into two types: lifestyle and portraits.

I connect trashy style to appearance.
I try to create a physical sensation for the viewer through my eyes, from the inside world of skate, using sections that I choose to freeze.

The other side to which I give importance to in my work is the personal side of the subject whom I’m photographing.
I create uniformity based on the look of their eyes and I try to express it in an emotional way between me and the viewer.
The feeling that the photographed person feels at that moment itself is important to me and that’s because I want to present in the most real and authentic way possible their connection to the skateboard.”