Selected Works


Arinze Stanley Egbengwu was born in 1993 in Lagos, Nigeria and graduated from Imo state University with a B.Eng in Agricultural engineering.

Starting at an early age of 6, Arinze had always been enthusiastic about drawing realistic portraits on paper. Being exposed to his family’s paper business, Arinze grew to love paper and pencils as his toys at a very tender age. Over the years He gradually taught himself how to master both Pencils and Paper in harmony as a medium to express himself through what he calls his three P’s namely Patience, Practice and Persistence. These have guided him throughout his journey as an artist.

Working in a genre of art known as Hyper-realism, Arinze drives at creating art that triggers a degree of emotional connection between his viewers and his subjects. Also using his works as a medium for social and political activism, highlighting pressing matters both in his community and worldwide, matters including Modern slavery, feminism and others.

Awards he has won include the ‘World’s best Self-portrait’ in American art awards 2017 and a Cultural achievement award in Junior Chambers International in 2018 .
Arinze’s debut group show held at the Omenka Gallery Lagos, Nigeria in 2016 and his debut international exhibition at Scope art show during Miami Art week 2017.

Selected Exhibitions:

2019   MONIKER ART FAIR, 718 Broadway, NoHo, Manhattan, New York, USA
2019   LA ART SHOW, Corey Helford Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
2018   ART MIAMI, Zemack Contemporary Art (booth AM526), Miami, USA
2018   PRIZM ART FAIR, Miami, USA
2018   12” x 12” ART COLLECTOR STARTER KIT, Corey Helford Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
2018   MIRRORS (SOLO EXHIBITION), Jonathan Levine Gallery, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA
2018   THESE ARE NOT PHOTOS (GROUP EXHIBITION), Marcel Katz, Art Palm Beach Fair, Florida, USA
2017   THESE ARE NOT PHOTOS (DUO EXHIBITION), Marcel Katz, Scope art show, Miami beach, USA
2017   MOOD SWINGS (GROUP EXHIBITION), Oliver Cole Gallery, Winwood, Miami, USA
2016   INSANITY (GROUP EXHIBITION), Omenka gallery, Lagos, Nigeria