Selected Works

Diego Beyró was born in 1984, in Argentina.

Beyró studied Fine Arts at IUNA and art direction in La Escuela Superior de Creativos Publicitarios, but he is mostly a self-taught artist. In his professional career, Beyró was an art director at Agulla & Baccetti’s advertising agency “El Cielo”. Later, He spent two years in Fabrica, a research and communication center of the Benetton Group (Italy) where he worked as creative advertiser and intensively explored the world of visual arts. Currently, he is attending the work clinic of Andrés Waissman, while remaining an active founding member of

Beyró’s productions as an artist are characterized by force, the impact of his images and the coexistence of the academic, artisanship and the use of new technologies and devices. Today, he works as an independent artist, while also producing pictures and videos for national and international companies. Beyró’s works had been exhibited in many countries around the world, including Spain, Lebanon, United States, Israel, Colombia and Argentina. His works are also present in a large number of specialized publications.

Beyró lives and works in Mexico City.