Selected Works

Kaoruko was born in Nagoya, Japan and she lives and works in New York, NY.

Kaoruko draws upon both the rich cultural history of her homeland as well as her experiences as a former Japanese pop star to create her large-scale, graphically illustrated paintings, which depict women in their private domestic spaces.

She uses acrylic paint, gold leaf, traditional sumi calligraphy techniques and silkscreened kimono patterns on canvas. Kaoruko’s highly codified motifs sourced from traditional woodblock prints and textiles are juxtaposed with figures defiant against the contemporary Japanese pop culture.

In construct to ‘kawai’, which values the feminine in terms of ‘cuteness’ and ‘adorability’ she explores the complexity of the modern Japanese woman in terms of her relationship with herself and Japanese tradition.

Selected Exhibitions

2018   Grand Front 5th Anniversary Art Scramble event Osaka Japan
2018   A Colossal World : Japanese Artists and NewYork White Box , NY
2017   The Numbers Museum Produced by Lux Tokyo, Osaka Japan
2017   Kyoto international Art and Music, Festival,Kyoto, Japan
2017   Shanlin Ye & KAORUKO : On the Verge, Jim Kempner Fine Art, New York,NY
2017   Kristina Huntington&Guy Regal presents, New York,NY
2014   MANA Monumental, Mana Wynwood convention Center, Miami,FL
2014   Feel Life ,Waterfall Gallery, New York, NY
2013   ENN, Mike Weiss Gallery, New York, NY
2013   Eileen S. Kaminsky Family Foundation New Acquisitions and Prints, Mana Contemporary, Jersey City NJ
2011   KAORUKO Aromako, Mike Weiss Gallery, New York, NY
2011   Dream in a Contemporary Secret Garden: Mixed Media Works from 12 Asian Artists, Chelsea Art Museum, New York, NY
2007   TOKYOKO, Ethan Cohan Fine Arts Gallery, New York, NY
2002   thRift, Laforet Museum, Tokyo, Japan
2001   Cut-Out, Laforet Museum, Tokyo Japan
2001   Takashimaya Gallery, Osaka, Japan
2000   Capsule, Laforet Museum, Tokyo, Japan
1997   KAORUKO Exhibition , Loft Gallery, Nagoya , Parco Gallery, Kumamoto, Japan
1997   The Grande Art Exhibition, Tenpozan Museum of Modern Art, Osaka, Japan
1996   Artists of 9 Rooms, Parco Museum, Tokyo, Japan
1996   The Keiko Doll, Laforet Museum, Tokyo, Japan


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Selected Press and Essays 

2018   United Nations Delegation   Art donation to Ambassadors’Ball 2018 Metropolitan club, NY
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