Selected Works

Sam Francis, an American painter, printmaker and sculptor, occupies a prominent position in post-war American painting. Although associated with the Abstract Expressionist, Francis actually had a lot of direct and prolonged exposure to French painting and to Japanese art, which heavily influenced his works. 

This prolific, Californian artist created the bulk of his signature Sam Francis prints and paintings during the mid-20th century. Echoing the style of his contemporaries, the Abstract Expressionists, his boldly-colored, monochromatic pieces made way for the more exciting, movement-driven, multi-faceted splatter/brush paintings. His later works focused areas of paint and color around the canvas edges, exposing the white and blank spaces in between. Sam’s first exhibition was held in London during 1952 followed by another exhibition in London and Switzerland, and while the artist passed in 1994, his works continue to proliferate into exhibitions even today.