Selected Works

Shen Shaomin was born in 1956, Heilongjiang Province, China.

Shaomin is an artist based in Sydney and Beijing. He has exhibited internationally in exhibitions including Dialogue at East West Gallery in Melbourne 2006 Liverpool Biennial, and Mahjong at Museum of Fine Arts Bern in Switzerland.

Shaomin  grew up in A Cheng Town, Heilongjiang Province. His father was a carpenter. As a child, he was fascinated by mechanics, and he liked to deconstruct and reconstruct objects. Shaomin  studied art history for three years at Harbin College of Education. His artistic career began with print-making in 1979. He later switched to making soft sculptures out of defective fabric prints from a textile printing and dying factory.

He visited Australia in 1989 for an international print conference; he returned a month later for an exhibition, and then returned again in 1990. Shaomin returned to China while working on his skeletal creatures because of the many animal protection laws in Australia preventing him from acquiring bones.