Selected Works

Stanley Casselman was born in 1963, in Phoenix, Arizona.

Casselman  rose to art-world fame in an unusual way: he answered the critic Jerry Saltz’s call for a knock-off Gerhard Richter painting. But Casselman’s practice goes far beyond that. He was an established painter of geometric abstraction long before he started creating Richter-like works using a 10-foot squeegee. Since then, he has elaborated on this painting style, making it his own as he searches for logic through abstraction. “Each painting is its own visual story that transcends explanation through language,” Casselman has said. “The process and the result [are] emotion and energy put forth in its rawest and purest form.”


1985  Bachelor of Arts, Pitzer College, Claremont, California
1984  Richmond College, London, England
Solo Exhibitions
2016  Frequencies: Blur & Focus, Scott White Contemporary Art, San Diego, CA
2016  Through Frequencies, Brintz Galleries, Palm Beach, FL
2015  143 miles per second, Jim Kempner Fine Art, New York, NY
2015  The Physics of Surface Tension, Brintz Galleries, Palm Beach, FL
2014  47, Jim Kempner Fine Art, New York, NY
2013  In an Instant, Scott White Contemporary Art, La Jolla, CA
2012  Art 57 curated by Bernhard Schober, Vienna, Austria
2003  Johnson Fine Art, Los Angeles, California
1997  Mimi Lawrence Gallery, Los Angeles, California
1995  A.C.E., Vienna, Austria
1995  James White Gallery, Beverly Hills, California
1993  Preiss & Preiss, Vienna, Austria
1992  Glam Slam nightclub, Los Angeles, California
1989  Gallery Vega, Santa Barbara, California
1986  The Exhibition Space, Maurice-Heyman Fine Art, New York, NY