Selected Works

Wang Zhiwu was born in 1984 in China.

Zhiwu inherited a unique creative touch from not only his father but also from his grandfather; his father an outdoors-man, while his grandfather was a magician. Their powerful combination of creation and imagination led Wang to begin exploring oft-depicted themes of symbolism, independence, companionship and love at a young age.

Through steady encouragement from family, friends, mentors and his wife, Lin, Wang has recently emerged as a must-see, up-and-coming Chinese talent. Although his work is fairly new to Western markets, it has been well-received to date. Wang is a proud graduate of Meizhou Wan College in Fujian, China.

Despite a strong initial start to a career in portraiture, Wang took a year off from art to re-energize and re-imagine his style and reevaluate his approach, arriving at the realization that his outlook would be best conveyed through the message of animals. Human emotions are far from simple, however, their nuances can be effectively examined through his vibrantly colored work.

To him, animals, particularly dogs, represent unconditional love. Animals serve as ongoing inspiration for Wang as his career scales to unfamiliar heights. Simplicity clashes with complexity, and Wang’s thought-provoking pieces provide audiences with a memorable and self-reflective experience.