Selected Works

Belgian artist Wim Delvoye burst onto the international art scene with an installation called Cloaca, otherwise known as the “poop machine.” Mimicking the human digestive system, the piece even left real droppings. 

Delvoye is also known for his tattooed pigs. A vegetarian, Delvoye began raising and tattooing his own pigs in 2004 at his own “Art Farm” in China (though started tattooing skins in 1997), this was created as a piece serving animal rights. 

Constantly oscillating between antagonistic realms, such as the sacred and the profane or the local and the global, he sarcastically confronts the various myths that feed our contemporary society, from religion to science and capitalism, via unexpected hybridizations. Whether twisting Rorschach inkblots into sleek bronze idols or cement trucks into laser-cut-steel neo-Gothic cathedrals, he combines expert craftsmanship with high technology.