Have a closer look
Artworks less than 100 cm

Corridor Contemporary is pleased to announce a new installation – more than 80 artworks, all under 100 cm, including paintings, sketches, photographs, prints and sculptures. As opposed to large-scale artworks that encourage you to take a step back to view the whole picture, small-scale artworks invite you to come forward and get a closer look at the artwork. This creates a more intimate situation between the artwork and the viewer. It is up close and personal. While dealing with large-scale works, the viewer tends to lose a sense of space and sometimes feels as if he has entered the dimension of the artwork itself, small works of art ask for a different kind of observation. They provide an intimate space for the viewers to be captivated by the imagery of the artwork and get lost in the final details.

In this exhibition, you will find artists that concentrate on creating artworks that are relatively small, Lucian Freud, and Jeffrey Palladini, to name a few. Or artists such as Alec Demarco and Taher Jaoui who tend to focus on larger dimensions but like to experiment with a variety of scales.

Picking the right size and space for an artwork can be challenging. However, small-scale artworks are more adaptable to home and office spaces. With the right curatorial choice, they create interactions amongst themselves and work together on a greater meaning. Small-scale works have also an economic effect. In contrast to today’s modern art world’s “bigger is better” culture, some artists have chosen to consider economy and focus on not only creating smaller works but also encouraging the idea that humankind can function beautifully on a smaller scale, impacting the world emotionally without as much physical impact. Small-scale works confuse and disorient viewers, forcing them to focus on what they are seeing and generating internal dialogue. 1

1 How size in Art matters, Sybaris Collection.