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Corridor Contemporary presents the International Contemporary Artists group show, featuring artworks acquired to the gallery collection. The six artists presented in the exhibition are amongst the most influential and well known artists of our time, leading the path to innovative contemporary art.

The exhibition includes works from Kaws, Mr. Brainwash, Hiro Ando, Peter Halley, Alex Katz among others¬†and offers a fresh view of the evolution of contemporary art. Influenced by pop art and street art, the artists demonstrate the transition in art over the last 50 years. From the early pop art tradition, which is easily visible in Alex Katz’s oeuvre, to Mr. Brainwash and Kaws’s vivid works from the last years, the exhibition offers a glimpse of pop culture as it is formed in the 21st century. The exquisite use of color in the works allow an opportunity to find differences and similarities between the artists’ techniques, while creating a joyful and colorful setting within the gallery itself.