Installation Shots



Corridor Contemporary is thrilled to announce Parallel Borders, a collective exhibition showcasing the creative artworks of 18 Israeli artists.

Parallel Borders invites exploration of the interplay of boundaries—both physical and abstract—that intricately shape the diverse tapestry of Israeli society.

The exhibition invites you to delve into the dynamic of borders, not only physical, but also mental, and emotional, which shape the multifaceted landscape of Israeli society. In Hebrew, the word used for border – ‘Gvul – ׳גבול  is both a border and a boundary. The exhibition examines the pervasive presence of gvulot (plural for ׳Gvul׳) which has become more prominent and more stretched in the last months of life in the Israeli space.

Through a diverse array of artistic expressions, Parallel Borders sheds light on this dynamic space, characterized by uncertainty. Each artwork offers a unique perspective on the evolving local landscape, marked by boundaries between order and disorder, life and death, bliss, and trauma—a space defined by swift transitions, conflicting emotions, and a perpetual flux that encapsulates the Israeli narrative.

The exhibition will run from April 18 to May 19, 2024, at Corridor Contemporary Gallery, located at 12 Kaufman St., Tel Aviv.