Corridor Contemporary Art Gallery in Tel Aviv presents a colorful summer group exhibition which showcases a diverse range of works by a number of local artists.

The works in the exhibition present numerous images that create a mosaic of refreshing, revitalizing works that bring forth an uplifting, summer-y atmosphere in the gallery space. Among the pieces on display are a variety of prints, portrait paintings and landscape paintings that engender thoughts and feelings related to summer.

Summer is a well-loved season in Tel Aviv, as it inspires a sense of freedom, fun and a desire to find a source of water on hot summer days – as Tomer Ganihar presents in his work “Fragments of Light”, a photograph which shows an authentic, everyday scene of people at the beach after bathing in the refreshing, salty water of the mediterranean sea. Two other prints, which continue the marine theme, are the works of two Israeli artists displayed side by side – Liron Kroll and Lee Yanor “High Expectations – The Pool” and “untitled”.

It is impossible to miss the overarching preoccupation with the local Israeli landscape in the exhibition – especially when viewing works by Iddo Markus, Elie Shamir, Shay Azoulay, Assaf Shani and Eran Reshef. Markus’ works are spread amongst the gallery wall as a beautiful collection that creates a green fabric of the mediterranean landscape consisting of 60 oil-painted wood blocks. Similar to Markus, Shani presents works dealing with the landscape of the Land of Israel which contain images of distinct Israeli symbols. The mediterranean symbols are repeated in other works such as those by Ilan Baruch. Baruch presents his paintings “Sabers” – works that focus on a local cactus species and puts a focus on the fruit that the cactus bears during the summertime.

Amongst the landscape pieces are a range of figurative works and portraits including those of the artists Nava Abel, Yigal Ozeri and Guy Levy. Abel is an Israeli artist whose paintings depict her personal world and those closest to her. The depictions of her friends and family represent a local type of warm and amiable person known as a “Sabra”. This can be seen in her works “Dialogue” and “Talia”. Guy Levy’s painting “The Middle East Ladies” presents an expressionist style rich in black contours. His painting makes a reference to the history of art using comic language and, simultaneously, represents life in the Middle East with the help of integrated cultural symbols.