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November 25, 2020

Roee Jakubinsky aka Binsky, a prominent emerging young local artist was born in Israel and spent several of his early childhood years in New York city. By the age of 9, he and his family returned to Israel. He later studied at Ort High School, majoring in art. Additionally, he received further education in art at Avni and Beit Berl Institutes from 2005-2008.

He is best known for his street art, mural paintings, large canvases and an iconic personal language that he developed over the years. From 2007 through the present time, he participated in solo exhibitions in Alharizi Artist house, Tel Aviv; Fresh Paint 2010 and 2019, Tel Aviv; Holon Institute of Technology, H.I.T, Gallery, Holon and Kuli Alma, Tel Aviv, to cite a few.

He also participated in important local art projects such as Jaffa Port Graffiti Festival 2019; The POP UP Museum TLV 2019 and The Graffiti Project “Midrahaov Nahalat Binyamin” among others.

Binsky’s artworks are presented in the Bank Leumi collection, as well as in numerous private collections.


Binsky was part of “Pop Up Museum Tel Aviv”, an exciting project sponsored by several corporations of which “People of the city” was the primary sponsor. More than 100 artists took over the walls of an old building and created a temporary museum which was destroyed after 6 days.


“When I receive my room, I consider myself responsible for designing the entire space, including a ceiling, cabinet, or door lintel, to create accurate harmony and transform the room into anyone’s dream room”.


Binsky artworks offer a 3D-effect bonus. If you place 3D glasses on your eyes, you begin to see, experience and feel the art as it pops outside the wall and surrounds you.


Binsky: “In my street art creation I want to make people see my art whether on canvas painting at home, or by surprise, while they walking on the street and just make them happy.


I had a difficult childhood with speech difficulties, I started to paint in order to express myself. The lips in many of my paintings express a language I can use without speaking, but rather speak through my art”.



Binsky: “The Corona time stopped my work indoor and outdoor as I was troubled by its results and our way to overcome it. I couldn’t go out to paint, I couldn’t meet my friends or work with kids as I do in my daily routine. I even couldn’t buy canvases since the shops were closed. 
I started to paint on rocks that I found near to my home.
I began to plan my exhibition slated to open in 2020 and at the same time wondering if it is the right time”

“Now it seems that because of this virus, people are restarting their whole lives and are realizing that maybe, just maybe there is another way to live that will bring them more joy”

Stay up to date on Binsky creation by following his accounts: @b_i_n_s_k_y and @binsky_digital_content on Instagram as well as our account @corridorcontemporary, his artist page and his NFT on opensea.

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