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The Inspiration Hunter

June 14, 2022
Nir Peled, aka Pilpeled is an Israeli contemporary artist, graphic designer and illustrator. He is known for his monochromatic style and his large scale murals works which can be found all over the world. He says the name Pilpeled “first came when I was faced with choosing my first email address at age 12. The name Pilpeled is a combination of my last name and a childhood cartoon character I grew up on, Mrs. PILPELET (aka Mrs. Pepper pot). I never intended for Pilpeled to be my nickname, but it stuck with me and now it’s too late”.
Pilpeled is the definition of an inspiration hunter. He believes that inspiration never comes to you, you have to search for it. When you observe things you have an insight which inspires and generates your creation. Pilpeled is very passionate about life in general and about his art in particular.

“I came up to be an artist just because I was inspired by other artists and that’s why I appreciate inspiration and believe that my main job is to inspire other people. Inspiration is important in life not only for an artist. It’s a daily fuel to live better. I find myself always immensely inspired by people who are very different from myself. I love nature, world cultures and women”. 

Pilpeled in action in his studio. Courtesy of the artist @pilpeled
Pilpeled’ studio @pilpeled

Pilpeled started his autodidact career in 2005 in Tel Aviv, creating posters for local clubs, and album covers for local musicians such as Rami Fortis among others. From this point on, his talent and passion took him to various creativity adventures along the years; interior design projects (Brown Hotel); MTV Israel chief designer (2007), Limited edition design for Absolut Vodka (2013); Collaboration with Puma, Coca Cola, Bensimon (shoes French brand) and New Era Cap Company and more. His works featured in the Israel Museum (Jerusalem), Urban Nation Museum (Berlin), the Mairie du 4eme (Paris) and Black Flag Art Gallery (Istanbul) to name a few.

Let’s explore some of his projects:

SMKLS Kadikoy, Istanbul, 2020. @pilpeled


The Kids, SMKLS, is a series of kids painted around the world. Each kid represents a  positive way to look at life. 
“I hope the kids will give inspiration and hope towards a better future, where there are no genres, no borders and everyone is equal. Each kid has a name, but not a face. Those kids are me and my friends and many other people in the world that loves life and others.” 
The “owl eyes” look like a  mask that everyone can fit in and represents rose-colored glasses (a positive outlook on life). Pilpeled specifically doesn’t paint the eyes of the kids, because then it may be too similar to a specific person, and he wants everyone to feel their inner child and identify with these painted characters.


Pilpeled came out with his very first NFT collection. Each NFT features a drawing of a kid that has also been painted on a mural at different locations around the globe. Each kid has a name and his own story. He released one drop out of three, including a website with an interactive map showing each kid, a short description about them, and the location of the mural around the world. 
Untitled, 2022
Acrylic on Cardboard, Hand-signed by artist
81 x 58 cm, 32 x 23 in.


This mural was created in July 2013 as part of the Jewish Culture Festival in Krakov. The image of the child represents fear, vulnerability and the inner child, while the lion represents the Jews’ struggle to survive and preserve their culture, as well as the strength to overcome their fears. The mural is painted on an abandoned building and covers old swastika signs that were painted on it. Seven years later, the city has changed the name of the square to “Judah square” and has become a popular destination for art lovers and food trucks.


This mural was created July 2021 as part of the Series, “ABRAKADABRA”. This series was based on the first written language ever (ancient hebrew), in which both hebrew and arabic letters are used. The letters are hidden in the paintings so only curious people can understand and discover the meaning. The wall is located in the heart and the center of the city at Beit Romano.  


In 2019, Pilpeled and New Era launched their limited edition hat collection at events hosted in Tel Aviv and at the Berlin flagship store. The collection was exclusively sold in Europe and Israel. It featured three of Pilpeled’s brand logos (Aya, Komet, and Pai) on New Era’s 5-panel and snapback hats. Each hat represents a different narrative of the Pilpeled brand. Additionally, special artworks were created for the collection to be showcased alongside the hats.
Znav Tul, 2021
Acrylic on Cardboard, Hand-signed by artist
51 x 51 cm, 20 x 20 in
Borale, 2021
Acrylic on Cardboard, Hand-signed by artist
110 x 92 cm, 43 x 36 in

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