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The Wall

February 25, 2024

Avinadav Begin, the grandson of the late Prime Minister Menachem Begin, was born in Jerusalem in 1974 and studied at Bezalel. After working for years in landscape architecture, about four years ago, he returned to the field of art. His works, which he usually refers to as “walls,” are made of iron and concrete saturated with pigments and acids. He applies the golden triangle principles to choose the proportions of each work, which exist in a diverse space including painting, printmaking, sculpture, architecture, and fresco.

Professor Ariel Hirschfeld’s critique of Avinadav Begin’s works, titled “Tale of Walls,” describes how Begin asks viewers to look at the wall as if it were a picture itself. He does not return the wall to its naked state but rather strips it of its usual clothing – decorations and pictures – and asks viewers to look at the wall itself. Normally, bare walls, even those used as a base for pictures, are almost invisible.

People do not pay attention to a wall unless there is a violation or disturbance of its uniformity and function. However, walls, floors, ceilings, and other building accessories that surround us are transparent and still, blending into the background.

Yet, walls, if not covered or re-whitewashed, always have something to say. The materials present in them over time leave their mark. Forces of nature such as gravity, heat, cold, humidity, and dryness act on these materials, creating textures and colors. Just as terrain, stones, rocks, or dunes become “landscapes” over time, so do walls. Avinadav Begin uses modern materials like iron and various chemicals, as well as ancient ones like concrete, sand, and water, to weave his story.

Avinadav Begin’s work actively participates in the history of walls, reacting and accelerating the processes of time and obsolescence. His creations enter into a dialogue with time acting on materials, acknowledging the passage of ages. The sections of walls he creates seek to narrate long events, sometimes delving into antiquity. 

#28, 2023, Mix technic – Iron, concrete, pigments, acids,  39 x 28 in, 99 x 71 cm


Professor Larry Abramson notes a direct connection to the separation fence in Begin’s work. His political positions are complex and fall into two categories: political and meta-political simultaneously, which has led to a continuous lack of understanding on the part of the media and the public. Twelve years ago, Begin authored the book “The End of the Conflict” where he expresses these ideas.

With two successful solo exhibitions in the last two years and talks of one of his works being purchased for the collection of one of Israel’s largest museums, we predict that this will be a successful year for Avinadav Begin.

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