Selected Works

Tomer Ganihar is an Israeli writer and self-taught photographer. He was born in Tel Aviv, Israel in 1970, and currently lives and works in Jaffa. 

Ganihar is a self-taught photographer who grew up and works in Israel. Since an early stage, Ganihar’s photography has focused mainly on crowds and on the Israeli young counterculture scene, rave parties, night clubs culture and multi-days nature parties in the Galilee forests and the Dead Sea. This work reflects a modern spiritual and cosmopolitan culture as an alternative to the reality of militarism, conflicts and religious tension in the Middle East. In more recent years, Ganihar’s photography is focused on abstracts of light and form.

Ganihar captures his images without artificial lighting, using color film only. Deborah Bach writes in The New York Times: “Perceiving light as a holy, unifying force, Mr. Ganihar works without a flash, using a slow shutter speed to capture the available light of his surroundings. The effect is often ethereal, the grainy figures in his photos awash in a kinetic radiance”.